What Does Coaching have to do with Content Marketing?

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Coaching and Content Marketing. Now how or why would I try to connect these two seemingly disparate concepts? As the father of two active boys who participate in a lot of sports, I spend a lot of my scheduled “free time” coaching their various activities, from soccer and baseball through to hockey. As it so happens, it’s now the fall and I’m writing this post as hockey season is starting to kick in to high gear. I’ve been coaching kids hockey for a few years now, and I’m ever reminded of the importance of one key ingredient for success- a documented practice plan. Without one, those kids will literally and chaotically skate over any of your well intentioned plans. Just try managing 35 to 45 kids whizzing around you on skates for an hour, without a plan, and you’ll witness  a few very frustrated coaches, and a number of bored and unhappy kids. Net story- you won’t get the results you’re hoping for, now or six months from now.


The same can be said for how you tackle Content Marketing. Joe Pulizzi and his team at Content Marketing Institute recently released their study New B2B Content Marketing Research: Focus on Documenting Your Strategy where they emphasized that, “Marketers who take the time to document their content marketing strategy are more effective than those who don’t.” Yet in the same study, they found that, “most B2B marketers have a content marketing strategy — but only 35 percent have documented it.”

Am I surprised? Not really. Every day I talk with agencies and companies small and large about their content marketing strategies. Documentation varies from strategy documents captured in Word or Excel, and stored in share drives or shared in emails, to strategies that are “known” but not written anywhere. Can I really be a critic of unwritten strategies, or strategies sitting in a dusty folder somewhere if it’s not easy to bring those strategies to life? Not really. It’s as if all I were able to do was plan my practices for my hockey kids, but never step on the ice and bring those practices to life. And yes I admit- I do occasionally “wing” my practice plans on the fly, not unlike responsive social media I guess 🙂

What’s different now? Tools do exist that should enable 100% of Content Marketers to capture their strategies, and bring them to life all in one place. Content Marketers can now get their entire teams on the same page with what their Content Strategies are, how to execute them, and when it’s all said and done, how to measure their progress. If I don’t see my hockey kids improving in the way they skate down the ice, and play together as a team, then it’s something I need to document and work on in practice. Same can be said for Content Marketing.

So get documenting and winning marketers! And I can’t wait to share more with you when you check out our FREE trial here, or get in touch with me at kevin@marketing.ai

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