Using WordPress to Build a Careers Page on Your Website

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Today we’re setting up a Careers section on Marketing.AI for all of the candidates we need to hire in the coming few months. We’ve decided to use WordPress to do that because then we can create and publish job listings from within our Editorial Calendar and Content Marketing Software system just like any other kind of content that would go on our site.

When we first started looking at doing this, we expected that there would be an existing SaaS application that we could use instead. We’ve reviewed some existing applications that appeared on the face of it to be quite good: Recruiterbox, Workable and Smart Recruiters. All had various sets of features beyond the set-up of a careers page and posting of listings, but none of them appeared to handle the actual set-up of the page and posting of the listings with the degree of flexibility that we wanted. Only Smart Recruiters seems to offer an API for posting from an external system and then again it had the problem that it wouldn’t let me select my company name properly and their customer service seemed non-existent on the trial level.

Thus after previously reviewing WordPress options we were back looking at it again in earnest. We’d like to say there are a plethora of options for using WP quickly to get your careers page going but there aren’t. If you want a basic approach, you can just install a plugin to an existing site, or take an existing theme, create a new site for your careers page, port the theme over and install the plugin. There are not many plugins available that seem to handle the posting of jobs well. The one we chose to use for our careers page is called WP Job Manager.

The other option is to find a theme that was created specifically for the purpose of hosting a corporate careers page. After doing a fair bit of searching, we found only a couple of corporate WordPress Website Themes that had Careers pages as part of their theme package, but they didn’t appeal to me very much in terms of formatting and flexibility. There were a few more themes that were intended as actual Job Board sites (i.e. classified listing sites as markets for posting jobs as employers and finding jobs as applicants). Clearly a Job Board theme is far more than what we need, but in the end we decided it was going to be doable to just strip out the functionality we don’t need to create a simple and well-formatted careers page, with robust listing page options. The theme we chose in the end is called Jobify and is available from ThemeForest.

Once we’ve finished setting this up we will post a link to the completed Careers page and walk through the remainder of the steps.


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