Tips for Managing Multiple Editorial Calendars on the Go

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CalendarA typical marketing manager will have a team of content creators working under them on a variety of different content items. They may be working on several different campaigns simultaneously with output going to websites, social media and content sharing platforms for video, slides or ebooks. Managing all of these people and tasks can become overwhelming as multiple deadlines start to loom, while strategy for the upcoming months must also be planned. 

Effectively managing multiple calendars often requires some careful planning from the outset. Getting all of your ducks in a row can be tricky but it pays off once you’re in the midst of the fray of publishing and promoting all of your new content.

The following are our tips for staying on top of your editorial calendars.

  1. Use a calendar that has colour-coding for different types of content-This helps you to easily identify at a glance what kind of items need to be created next.
  2. Use a drag-and-drop interface, so that you can quickly rearrange any items which get relegated in importance or are taking longer than expected.
  3. Keep track of items assigned to creators with staged progression status such as draft, in progress, completed, approved and published.
  4. Stay on top of target dates and due dates with a view that shows you approaching deadlines.
  5. Provide your content creators with a theme and snyopsis to avoid confusion and misinterpretation.
  6. Outline keywords for maximum SEO.
  7. Include target industry so they can tailor the language, nomenclature and tone appropriately.
  8. Include buyer cycle stage to help creators focus on the purpose of the content.

Using these strategies you should be able to stay on top of your various content creation tasks and manage all of your editorial calendars efficiently.

To start using your own online Editorial Calendar, simply sign up for a free trial and you can start planning your content creation, managing a team of content creators, drafting and publishing your content items directly to a CMS such as Hubspot or WordPress.


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