How to get your wider organization involved in content marketing

Content marketing truly is a team effort; in fact, many companies are now putting dedicated content marketing teams in place. However, to be successful, content marketing teams should call upon support from across the organization. Organizational buy-in for content marketing is important because customers are smart; in particular, customers of B2B enterprises are often experts … Continued Read More

Sample Theme-Cycle Grid

A Theme Cycle is a tool which is used to plot your themes against the different stages of the buyer cycle. Organizing your marketing content by theme helps to define your content by purpose and assists with the ideation process. Taking each of those themes and mapping them onto the buyer cycle shows you what … Continued Read More

3 Tips for Advanced Content Ideas

Ideation Challenges Coming up with high-quality content ideas can stymie even the most seasoned of marketers. After all, you know that to engage your audience and attract customers you will need to produce a consistent stream of content to set your company apart from its competition. But it can be difficult to keep coming up … Continued Read More

How To Manage Your Corporate Blogging Workflow

Managing your workflow is a crucial element of your content marketing efforts. This is especially important when you are working in large teams. Publishing a corporate blog often means collaborating with people from different departments in disparate geographies. It is important to get everyone on the same page to achieve the best results. Here are … Continued Read More

7 Ways to Create Enough Marketing Content

One of the key challenges encountered by companies who are starting to evolve their marketing efforts to incorporate content marketing is creating enough marketing content. Here are some of the ways we and our users have found useful to help create enough content to engage your target market. 1. Have a Strategic Framework When you … Continued Read More

How to Set-up Your Content Marketing Workflow for Success

When both speaking about and putting effort into content marketing, it’s important to concentrate on the many aspects involved. However, we’re only going to focus on one major aspect (a la the title of this post): How to create a successful workflow for both yourself and your team! Once you have this all sorted out, … Continued Read More

Building and Tracking Content Marketing Client Composition Goals

A content marketing strategist or agency is responsible for developing a content strategy for their clients, and then executing on that strategy to develop and publish content that is relevant to the needs of their customers. Part of this process is deciding how much content is needed to attract, engage and support their current and … Continued Read More