Leverage the power of a digital editorial calendar for content planning, publishing, and collaboration

Central to achieving quality content is a centralized creation and publishing workflow In an increasingly deadline-driven world, strategists and marketers are realizing that a centralized planning and publishing hub is key to any successful planning process. Why? Having a calendar-centric marketing plan allows you to plan your content efforts in a collaborative format, manage approval workflows for your content creation team, … Continued Read More

How to Achieve Content Clarity with Theme and Synopsis

Managing a team of content creators will always present difficulties with expectations gaps, misunderstandings and deviations from the intended content path. To reduce the incidents of miscommunication, it is important to provide your content creators with as much information as possible, so that they fully comprehend what is required of them, and are empowered to … Continued Read More

Planning a Blog Post in your Editorial Calendar

Getting your first blog post planned out in your editorial calendar is a relatively simple task. At the most basic level you just need to click on either the Create New Content Item button or click on the date you want the item to be completed by. Then include the title of the post and … Continued Read More

How to View Target Audience Exit Pages in Marketing.AI

In yesterday’s post we talked about the strategies you can use for target audience exit pages and how you could take measures such as creating additional content tailored to your target industries to prevent them from bouncing from your website. Today we are going to talk about how you can use Marketing.AI’s content marketing optimization … Continued Read More

How to Publish to Different CMS from One Editorial Calendar

In yesterday’s post we talked about managing multiple editorial calendars, the challenges presented and provided some tips to make the process more efficient. Today we are going to be talking about the advantages to be gained from having an editorial calendar which allows you to publish directly to your content management system. When using an … Continued Read More

Tips for Managing Multiple Editorial Calendars on the Go

A typical marketing manager will have a team of content creators working under them on a variety of different content items. They may be working on several different campaigns simultaneously with output going to websites, social media and content sharing platforms for video, slides or ebooks. Managing all of these people and tasks can become … Continued Read More

Turning Traffic into Conversions

Getting increased traffic to your site is not as hard as it may first appear. With a large enough budget you can purchase Adwords, banner ads, social media advertising and a near infinite amount of other advertising which will increase traffic to your site. However, many of these hits will bounce from your site within … Continued Read More

New Editorial Calendar Software Launched

Marketing.AI are launching our new Editorial Calendar Software today. The editorial calendar is a central point of the Marketing.AI software offering. It is the area where you detail all of the content which is to be created over the coming weeks and months, and assign those tasks to your individual content creators. Among its key … Continued Read More

History of the Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is used to map out content which needs to be produced for publication in a newspaper, magazine, an online blog or for a book. It allows editors and writers to develop a strategy for upcoming publications and to monitor the progression of the content creation. The editorial calendar has been a tool … Continued Read More