The Global Marketing Editorial Calendar

One of the most powerful features of Marketing.AI for distributed teams is the Global or Master Roll-up Calendar with its accompanying Sub-Organizations.There are many uses for the Global calendar. One popular use case is for global marketing teams, with a main global editorial calendar and several regional calendars. Members of the regional teams may want access … Continued Read More

Leverage the power of a digital editorial calendar for content planning, publishing, and collaboration

Central to achieving quality content is a centralized creation and publishing workflow In an increasingly deadline-driven world, strategists and marketers are realizing that a centralized planning and publishing hub is key to any successful planning process. Why? Having a calendar-centric marketing plan allows you to plan your content efforts in a collaborative format, manage approval workflows for your content creation team, … Continued Read More

How to Use Pre-Set Color Palettes for Your Editorial Calendar

We’ve talked before about the importance of color-coding your editorial calendar to make it visually appealing and the importance of planning your content visually. In this fright-filled Halloween feature Friday, we’re highlighting one more color-related feature of the Marketing.AI editorial calendar software, namely the pre-set color palette feature. And what better way to demonstrate this … Continued Read More

Ideas Drag and Drop Onto The Editorial Calendar

Content marketers know that to a steady stream of great content ideas are necessary for the success of their efforts. The Marketing.AI system has several different features for getting ideas into the system. It also has features for getting ideas from the Idea Bank to the Editorial Calendar and on into a production workflow. This … Continued Read More

Creating Beautiful Editorial Calendars with Custom Color Schemes

Editorial calendars are first and foremost a functional tool–but just because they’re useful doesn’t mean that they have to be drab and boring! Your editorial calendar can come to life with your favorite colors or your company’s brand color scheme. Here’s an example of what a colorful–and on brand–editorial calendar can look like based on … Continued Read More

How to create your content marketing dream home

Building a successful content marketing strategy is a lot like building your dream home: It starts with a vision of how you want it to look – on the inside and the out. You need to have a strategic understanding of what materials it will be made of and how the different rooms will fit … Continued Read More

How To Manage Your Corporate Blogging Workflow

Managing your workflow is a crucial element of your content marketing efforts. This is especially important when you are working in large teams. Publishing a corporate blog often means collaborating with people from different departments in disparate geographies. It is important to get everyone on the same page to achieve the best results. Here are … Continued Read More

7 Ways to Create Enough Marketing Content

One of the key challenges encountered by companies who are starting to evolve their marketing efforts to incorporate content marketing is creating enough marketing content. Here are some of the ways we and our users have found useful to help create enough content to engage your target market. 1. Have a Strategic Framework When you … Continued Read More