The value and importance of personalized content marketing and tips to doing it right

People’s needs are constantly changing. New communication channels pop up all the time. Most importantly, your business is ever-changing. So how do you stay relevant and provide a flawless experience that speaks directly to your potential buyers? Don’t treat everyone the same. Content marketing is powerful because it has a unique opportunity to tailor messaging directly to and engage with, the perfect buyer. Not only can it be tailored to the right person, but knowing the ins-and-outs of your target buyer means you can also target their behaviours at a time that’s most convenient for them. Read More

The key to successful content marketing strategies: Telling the right stories with target audience segmentation and targeted personas

Your ideal customer should be able to make a connection with your company or products. A connection that helps them make informed decisions. Content should be tailored to why they came searching in the first place. Any stellar content marketing strategy has a steady flow of quality content—content that tells a story to a particular … Continued Read More

5 Tips for Planning Your Editorial Calendar

With your resolutions to be a better, faster, leaner, more effective marketer still fresh in your mind at the start the year, there is no better time to begin planning out your editorial calendar. While the prospect may seem daunting at first, once you begin populating it with items and you can visually appreciate how … Continued Read More

How to Publish to Twitter from your Editorial Calendar

Don’t you wish you could post and schedule your tweets promoting your blog post when you are creating your blog, or even further in advance, when you are devising your content marketing strategy and formulating the blogs that your are going to be creating? Wouldn’t your life be a whole lot easier if you could … Continued Read More

How To Measure Content Marketing Success By Author

One of the major causes of hesitation from the executive level when it comes to approving a content marketing strategy is the difficulty in ascertaining a reliable figure for ROI on the strategy. Traditional advertising campaigns result in a noticeable bump in sales throughout the the period in which the ads are running, and the … Continued Read More

How Keywords Affect Business Results

Keywords are the terms which describe the theme or subject addressed in a piece of content on a webpage or blog. In the world of SEO they are the terms your potential customers are searching for using search engines. Therefore, you will tailor the content on your website to include those keywords, thus driving more … Continued Read More