The value and importance of personalized content marketing and tips to doing it right

People’s needs are constantly changing. New communication channels pop up all the time. Most importantly, your business is ever-changing. So how do you stay relevant and provide a flawless experience that speaks directly to your potential buyers? Don’t treat everyone the same. Content marketing is powerful because it has a unique opportunity to tailor messaging directly to and engage with, the perfect buyer. Not only can it be tailored to the right person, but knowing the ins-and-outs of your target buyer means you can also target their behaviours at a time that’s most convenient for them. Read More

Your content isn’t lackluster, it’s just missing a reason to exist: Show ROI on your content by defining a content mission

Every killer content plan is backed by a tactical execution and strategic plan to keep your content aligned… but is it aligned to the right mission? Your content core aims to tell a strategic story that either makes an impact on your revenue/business growth and or thought-leadership/community awareness. But chances are your content is cluttered. But not because your … Continued Read More

Set an appointment with your audience—Marketing.AI’s takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016

There’s no shortage of content marketing advice in the industry right now, especially not at Content Marketing World 2016. With over 3,500 attendees and two 10 hour days of sessions and expo hall conversations, it was an amazing opportunity to find answers to questions you might have. Here’s my take on the top 4 themes that emerged, plus … Continued Read More

The Value of Having One Source of Truth for Content Marketing

  When creating content, a common problem marketers face is solving what assets you have are most up-to-date? This is especially hard if you manage your files in multiple locations. Which videos, logos, images, and graphics are the right ones, on brand, fitting to your tone and voice? Without a source of data truth, you can end up spending … Continued Read More

Customer Story: Zillow Focuses on Strategy

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help. When Zillow’s Jessica Rourk started growing her team of writers and guest contributors, she discovered her old processes of email … Continued Read More

What is a Content Strategist?

The mission of any website is to offer engaging content and meaningful support to potential clients and customers. The mission of a corporate content strategist is to ensure that the content is providing maximum impact for the maximum number of readers. While the copywriter is responsible for actually putting words into the document to publish, the … Continued Read More

Customer Story: Teradata Gains Global Collaboration

Teradata helps companies get more value from their data than any other company, allowing them to reduce costs, create agility for faster data analysis and innovation, and reduce complexity, giving organizations a sustainable competitive advantage. When Teradata’s Marketing leadership started up an ‘internal content agency’—a global team of writers and graphic designers—the team quickly became … Continued Read More

Art with an agenda: the role of patronage throughout history

Artists are relied upon to express themselves through the content they produce, communicating their observations, ideals and opinions through their work and helping audiences view concepts through fresh perspectives. And yet some of the greatest artworks throughout history were in reality vehicles for religious and political agendas, rather than the product of pure, unadulterated creative … Continued Read More