Humanize your brand, sell your product, and ensure your content efforts aren’t disruptive: 8 ways you can increase your content performance

Writers are constantly brainstorming how to ensure their content is meaningful, discoverable, converting prospects, and educating readers. Amongst all of this, how then as a marketing can you ensure you’re creating relevant content that’s going to be discovered, read, and is making an impact in your marketing strategy and goals? Read More

How To Develop a Buyer Persona or Target Audience

Defining Your Target Audience You know that you need to get a clear idea of who your target audience is – but how do you go about doing that? Start by reviewing your existing customers. Who’s your current tribe? Find out why they were attracted to your company and why they bought from you. This … Continued Read More

Spreadsheets Vs. Editorial Calendar Software- 3 Reasons to Switch Now

Everyday I talk with our customers and prospects about how they’re attempting to manage the ever more challenging landscape of content creation, and the feedback is pretty much always the same. A mix of spreadsheets, Google calendars, emails, file folders, and sometimes project management tools. This spaghetti mix of single purpose tools, manageable when teams … Continued Read More

Customer Story: MGIS Addresses Content Marketing Challenges With Marketing Calendar and Workflow Software

The MGIS Companies, Inc. is a leading national insurance program manager with deep experience and expertise in building, managing and servicing specialized programs for medical professionals. When Katrina Wang, an experienced Content Manager at MGIS and Mark Dayton, the VP of Marketing, went looking for a content marketing software solution, they tried a WordPress plugin … Continued Read More

Sample Customer Objection Response Post

With the ever-increasing expenditures that are derived from marketing and sales, it is crucial to have these two departments aligned from strategy to execution in order to meet company goals. Linked to strategy, ideas are the birthplace of great success. Both teams collaborating on ideas, to meet a common goal, are crucial to the ongoing … Continued Read More

Content.Vegas: the Annual Marketing.AI User Conference

Many of you have asked when we would be holding our first user conference, so… It gives me great pleasure to announce the dates, location and website for Marketing.AI’s first annual user conference: Content.Vegas! Mark your calendars for: June 4-5, 2015. Register on the site for updates: Why Content.Vegas? In addition to your kind … Continued Read More

Sample Buyer Persona

Developing Buyer Personas is a foundational task for strategic content marketing. We define a Buyer Persona as “the documented embodiment of a single representative of your target audience that represents a segment of your audience as a whole, in a way that can meaningfully affect your strategy, conversion architecture and marketing content production.” We published … Continued Read More

How Instructional Design Theory Can Inform Your Content Marketing

When a content marketer thinks about how to plan content for the buyer cycle or customer journey, they might start to think about how to break up content into meaningful blocks or chunks and how to link those together. It’s often helpful to look to other fields of endeavor, other than content marketing specifically, for inspiration … Continued Read More

How to Use Event Objects to Plan Your Adaptive Content Marketing

Recently Marketing.AI released a new object that you can use in planning your content marketing strategy, the Event Object. You can use the Event Object to plan content for Adaptive Content Marketing and/or Event-Driven Content Marketing. This post goes into more detail on how you can use this feature. Most Marketing Automation systems have some form … Continued Read More