The value and importance of personalized content marketing and tips to doing it right

People’s needs are constantly changing. New communication channels pop up all the time. Most importantly, your business is ever-changing. So how do you stay relevant and provide a flawless experience that speaks directly to your potential buyers? Don’t treat everyone the same. Content marketing is powerful because it has a unique opportunity to tailor messaging directly to and engage with, the perfect buyer. Not only can it be tailored to the right person, but knowing the ins-and-outs of your target buyer means you can also target their behaviours at a time that’s most convenient for them. Read More

Using buyer cycles to optimize your content and increase conversion

Use buyer stages to create audience-specific content that converts To convert readers and viewers into serious buyers, you need to understand your buyer cycle. This includes understanding your customer’s needs and why they turned away from your offerings. There are many versions a buyer can take, especially cross-industry; however, here are a few universal truths: Every customer goes through … Continued Read More

5 Strategies for Aligning Marketing and Customer Success Content

After the Purchase In a previous post, we discussed how to align Sales and Marketing content to help you close deals. So then, what happens after the purchase? If you’re following our buyer journey, you know this is when the “Engagement” or “Loyalty” cycle stages come into play. At Marketing.AI, our Customer Success department takes … Continued Read More

Sample Theme-Cycle Grid

A Theme Cycle is a tool which is used to plot your themes against the different stages of the buyer cycle. Organizing your marketing content by theme helps to define your content by purpose and assists with the ideation process. Taking each of those themes and mapping them onto the buyer cycle shows you what … Continued Read More

How Instructional Design Theory Can Inform Your Content Marketing

When a content marketer thinks about how to plan content for the buyer cycle or customer journey, they might start to think about how to break up content into meaningful blocks or chunks and how to link those together. It’s often helpful to look to other fields of endeavor, other than content marketing specifically, for inspiration … Continued Read More

How to Use Event Objects to Plan Your Adaptive Content Marketing

Recently Marketing.AI released a new object that you can use in planning your content marketing strategy, the Event Object. You can use the Event Object to plan content for Adaptive Content Marketing and/or Event-Driven Content Marketing. This post goes into more detail on how you can use this feature. Most Marketing Automation systems have some form … Continued Read More

How To Manage Your Corporate Blogging Workflow

Managing your workflow is a crucial element of your content marketing efforts. This is especially important when you are working in large teams. Publishing a corporate blog often means collaborating with people from different departments in disparate geographies. It is important to get everyone on the same page to achieve the best results. Here are … Continued Read More

Top 3 Challenges of Content Marketing Coordination

I read somewhere that people like to think in threes- top 3 priorities, top 3 finishers, Gold, Silver, Bronze, trilogies, etc. and so I got to work researching where I may have come across this simple concept. Turns out it’s more common than I’d originally thought, and there’s a good descriptor of the “Rule of … Continued Read More