Sample Social Media Calendar

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Today we are going to provide you with a sample social media calendar and talk about how you can use one to plan out all of your social media posts, and use it to develop a social media strategy.

Social Media Calendar

The editorial calendar above shows an example of a schedule for posting to several social media accounts. In this example we have included Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest as those are the main social media channels that we find our customers are using. If you are using additional social media you can easily add a content type to cover those and select the color you would like it to appear in your calendar. Of course, you can change the colors and text on the existing content types if they aren’t to your liking.

Planning your Social Content

You need to have a steady stream of social posts to engage your existing followers and to attract new ones. Planning out your content months in advance lets the rest of your team see how much content you need to produce, how it will be distributed and the purpose of the content.

Developing a Social Strategy

To be successful with your social media you need to develop a strategy around your posting. First of all you should be posting links to all of the new content you are publishing so as to drive additional traffic to your content and increase SEO. You should also consider creating content that is specific to each social channel. An example of this is our Twitter series on the Content Marketing Glossary, which you can find using the hashtag #cmglossary, dealing with a different content marketing term each week and providing links to related material.

Social Media Governance

Companies are increasingly having problems with employees posting inappropriate or embarrassing content to social media accounts. This can occur through simple thoughtlessness, or when they are accidentally logged into a corporate account instead of a personal account. You can avoid these situations from arising by having an approval workflow in place, that requires managerial approval prior to a social media post being published. A simple process like this can save a company from a public relations nightmare.

Ideas and Links

You can use the Ideas section of your calendar to get all of your team adding their ideas for new social media post as they go about their workday. As they are interacting with others on their social media accounts or performing research they will inevitably get some inspiration along the way. They can then create an idea, assign it a theme and add a quick description for future reference,, when the time comes to push it into the calendar. They can also store any interesting links that they come across while they are online in the Links section, again applying a theme and providing a source for the link.

Publishing and Scheduling

Once you have planned and created all of your content you are still going to need to publish it. You can do this by performing an integration with your social media accounts. This allow you to publish directly, or schedule for publishing at a later time and date. Using scheduling you can dedicate a few days to building out weeks or months of content, then set it and forget it, safe in the knowledge that all of your social media channels will have a steady stream of content being posted.

If you need a social media calendar to help plan and publish you social media update sign up for a free trial and you can get started with your own calendar.

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