Sample Customer Objection Response Post

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With the ever-increasing expenditures that are derived from marketing and sales, it is crucial to have these two departments aligned from strategy to execution in order to meet company goals. Linked to strategy, ideas are the birthplace of great success. Both teams collaborating on ideas, to meet a common goal, are crucial to the ongoing success of a company. Without leads the sales dry up, and without sales there are no resources to carry out business objectives.

customer objection into marketing content

Ideas can come from many places, whether from your own thoughts or thoughts of other people. However, ideas that come from a customer objection can be instrumental in the way your company progresses.  Sales can answer these objections, and share them with the marketing team. The marketing team then has the ability to transform these objections into content that can be leveraged to your advantage.  This is key to ensuring customers feel their needs are important, and provides you with a library of resources for future customers; a win-win.

Now picture this. You’re a SAAS company who has won a large client. This client has come forth with an objection related to the onboarding process and how long the process will take to get everyone going.  The sales rep handled the objection, and has provided the client with valuable information that can then be harnessed into content in the form of a whitepaper or tutorial video. 

How does Marketing.AI come into play in all of this? Simple. When sales has answered an objection for a customer, the sales rep can easily add the objection to the Idea Bank, or even add the idea on their mobile device. The content item can then be pushed to the editorial calendar when the team decides to move it forward.

Editorial Calendar

This content item will go through the production workflow of the organization (which can be configured).


And once the content item is completed, it can then be deployed to whichever destination you see fit. Facebook? Sure. Twitter? Why not.


This process enables alignment and collaboration across your marketing and sales teams, as well as other departments involved, all within Marketing.AI. Want to get your marketing and sales team aligned? Sign up for a free trial today and get your team on the same page. 

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