Sample Content Marketing Agency Editorial Calendar

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We often get  requests from new Content Marketing Agency trial users to provide a sample view of an editorial calendar with some example clients included, so today we’re providing a view to what that looks like. This is useful when you are trying to make the case that moving away from a spreadsheet-based editorial calendar system will increase efficiency within your agency, save countless hours and allow you to better grow your service to clients.

Agency Editorial Calendar

The key to our Content Marketing Agency Software is that we provide you with an agency-wide view of all the planned activity for all of your clients. This allows you use to your master Agency Account for planning out all of the content for your agency, with individual sub-accounts for each of your clients that roll up into your Agency Calendar. The view below shows a Sample Agency and three clients, A, B and C, with all of the planned content visible.



Agency Client Views

To determine how much work is planned for indiviual clients or for a group of clients you can then apply Client Filters to your Agency Calendar that provide a drilldown view. This gives you a refined view of the content items you have for each of clients, so that you can quickly get a grasp of what is coming down the line for that client, and how close you are to achieving your content goals. The view below shows just the content planned for Client B and Client C. You can also apply multiple filters so you can drill down to just the blog posts for Client A that fit a certain theme and have been assigned to a specific author.



Scaling your Agency

One of the most difficult aspect of being a service provider is having the capability to scale your business without increasing complexity to the point where it becomes unprofitable. Managing all of the marketing content for an individual company can be hard enough, but when you are an agency dealing with tens or hundreds of clients the task becomes near impossible. The underpinning of your continued success is choosing a platform that lets you manage all of your clients and content creators from a single location, and is sufficiently robust to scale with you as your business grows.

Managing your Resources

Another pain point frequently encountered by agencies is keeping track of all the work your content creators have been assigned. This is compounded when you are using external freelancers or contractors in addition to your internal staff. You need to have the capability to quickly see what each of your content creators is currently working on across all of your clients. You can then determine if they are being utilized at their full resource capacity, or if you can call upon them to assist with backlogs or opportunites for expansion of your service to an existing client.

Growing Your Business

The two ways to grow your business as an agency are to acquire new clients and to provide more services to the clients that you already have. The first method involves meeting with your prospective client and convincing them that you have a plan to create content that will attract and convert more high-value customer for them. Having a sample calendar like the one above can help you to pitch to your future clients and visually protray to them how you are going to build out their online presence with regularly produced content.

For your existing clients you can delve deeper into the service you provide, by performing a content audit of existing content, developing buyer personas and customer journeys, and creating themes through which to organize all of their content. All of these value-adding activities can help to showcase your expertise and cement your position as an invaluable and irreplace asset to your client.

To find out more, sign-up for a free trial of the Agency version of our Content Marketing Software and schedule a training demo to dive into your specific situation.

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