A list of GIF creation software

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If you’re like me you’ve probably spent countless of hours in your week going through GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format est. 1987) , either through forums, popular social channels to reading content material online.

We see these everywhere, but are they actually rising in popularity? It depends who you ask. Between the Tumblr posts to the reaction GIF filled forums it’s hard to argue they’re not, however an article from Business Insider suggest a downfall in the usage and popularity of GIFs (PNG images with a slight edge).

In the end you really can’t get around the web without stumbling on a GIF here or there. So, what makes these beauties so popular? Simply put, they’re fun and easy to make.

Here at Marketing.AI we’ve put GIFs to good use. From support content, walking through a newly introduced feature and its functionality, to following up with cold leads with context-specific humor to grab their attention.

What we’ve found is that GIFs provide a great way of making an interactive point in as little time as possible without requiring an extra click. Unlike video it doesn’t set the expectation of having to commit some time getting the message. As a result we’ve found them to be more effective than video in many cases, and have gotten feedback to that effect from our users, many of whom don’t have time to watch a video in their busy day but do have time to view a GIF.

So if any of the above makes you want to create more GIFs as part of your content marketing, here are a list of creation software companies to choose from:


Pros: Lots of options for crafting the right GIF, determine speed, repeat level and canvas size.
Cons: Restricted to images only and does not support videos.
Conclusion: Simple and straight forward design, easy to use with a number of editable options to choose from however if you’re thinking of creating a GIF from recordings this isn’t your answer. 


Pros: Simple gif generator that supports two option – videos or images. Lots of options to choose from setting your own FPS to reversing your GIF. Provides Pro versions to remove watermarks and larger files.
Cons: Does not support screen sharing functionalities.
Conclusion: Intuitive, easy to use, options galore and if you’re fancying even more features there’s a PRO Version to feast on. For GIF generators that take GIFs seriously. 


Pros: Built in GIF templates, lots of options for making your own unique GIF with captions and texts. Supports Webcam videos.
Cons: Not intuitive compared to others, however with the instructions provided there’s easy to follow steps. Can’t make share screened GIFs
Conclusion: If you’re looking for a robust GIF tool that can support webcams, videos, and lets you express your artistic side this GIFmakers for you.


Pros:  Easy to use, simple interface, creates GIFs through screen sharing.
Cons: Can’t create GIFs from existing videos, or images and can’t edit the GIFs properties. Limited to Macs.
Conclusion: With an easy to use interface and no up time in figuring out the tool this is a simple yet effective option for mac users.

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