Kids, Chaos, and Content Marketing

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My family of four (with two boys aged 6 and 8) recently expanded to a family of five, with the birth of my new daughter. Not withstanding the regular chaos of a new child in the family, this time the change has new meaning. My small renovated bungalow seemed like it was going to do the trick for four, and while not blessed with plentiful storage, it seemed like it was going to be manageable. The plan was to finish the renos, live responsibly, pay off the mortgage (eventually), and generally follow a conservative plan to home living. I’ve now since thrown that plan out the window.


My house is now bursting at the seams. My two boys’ plan to eventually have their own rooms is now questionable, unless we never plan to have guests stay with us again. Lego is strewn about the house, with soon to be added baby and toddler toys and of course the required baby safety gates, with the banged shins I’ll surely experience from tripping into them. My family has grown, and while I can try to keep living in my gradually less organized chaos, it’s now time to move on to a new home that meets the needs of my larger, more chaotic family.

So what’s all this have to do with Content Marketing? A lot actually. In conversations I’ve been having with customers, they too have found themselves faced with many of the same challenges I face at home. A growing team, solutions that worked well, or well-enough while the team was relatively small, or the needs for content management and collaboration were minimal. I’ve talked with customers who have a multitude of what they referred to as a “Frankenstein of Solutions” all trying to accomplish small parts of the content management cycle. Tools like Word for strategy, Excel for themes, Project Management tools, Social Media tools, Google Docs, Share Drives, etc. and the list goes on. Or other customers who insist they can force collaboration by hiring more people, and building bigger teams around their content silos of Web, Social, PR, and other marketing efforts. Do-able I’ll admit for a while, until the conductor of the chaos steps away or changes jobs.

What next? Well, despite the fond memories you may have in assembling your IKEA bunk bed solutions into a content marketing home that worked, you too know it’s time for a change. It’s time to put the “For Sale” sign on your front lawn. So call your realtor, and start your search with your FREE Marketing.AI trial here today.

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