Introducing the Content Marketing Inspiration Series

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Finding Inspiration for Content Marketing

Today we are introducing a new series of content from Marketing.AI called the Inspiration Series. In this series we will feature pieces that will help you and your teams think about content in new ways and trigger new ideas that you can apply to your specific domain.

One of the key challenges of content marketing is coming up with enough new fresh ideas and themes. Since practically everyone is engaging in content marketing efforts now, you need content that gets noticed and keeps you above the fray.

We’ve talked about the importance of great ideas before, in pieces such as:

One great way to come up with ideas is to find inspiration outside of your core areas and traditional marketing day to day work, to think cross-functionally and draw parallels between different subject matter. A couple of examples of this that we have done in the past include:

Starting in the New Year, you will see more content from us on this theme. A sample of the current titles in process include:

  • What Painting Can Teach You About Content Marketing
  • What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Content Marketing
  • How The World’s Tallest Building Can Inform Your Content Marketing
  • And many more…

Another aspect of ideation and inspiration is the collection of those ideas and putting them into a structured creation process. Our system has several features to help your team facilitate that collection.

As a team we are always working on new ways to incorporate fresh ideas. Starting next month, we will be adding a new feature that lets our customers suggest content to us straight from the Marketing.AI dashboard be it for a piece in this series, or support content to help their team get more use from the system and we will make this feature available to our customers to use with their audience as well.

To try out these new ideation features, sign-up for a free trial today or talk to your account manager to get the new Suggest Ideas feature enabled. And if you want to suggest topics to add into the Inspiration Series, simply use the feature to let us know!


Start Tracking Your Ideas In Our Free Trial

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