How to View Target Audience Exit Pages in Marketing.AI

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No ExitIn yesterday’s post we talked about the strategies you can use for target audience exit pages and how you could take measures such as creating additional content tailored to your target industries to prevent them from bouncing from your website. Today we are going to talk about how you can use Marketing.AI’s content marketing optimization and automation software to help you identify those exit pages that require your attention.

Once you sign up for Marketing.AI and install your tracking code the software performs a full content audit of your website, pulling out and cataloguing every content item that you have on your website. Many companies who have had a website for the past ten or fifteen years, and have had many writers and designers working on creating content, do not have a firm grasp of what content is on their website. The content audit automatically identifies all of these content items.

Our software then begins monitoring all of the traffic to your site and to each of the content items. It tracks how each visitor arrives at your site, their entrance page, how long they spend interacting with each content item, the customer journey through your conversion architecture and finally their exit page. Marketing.AI also gives you a breakdown of the company name, industry, location and company size of each visitor your content items.

Using all of this data our software can tell you which page visitors from say the information technology sector or the aeronautics industry are exiting from most frequently. This allows you to redesign those pages, or include industry-specific calls to actions or content items which will grab the attention of visitors from those industries, or provide them with information that directly relates to the problems that they are experiencing.

If your products are specifically targeted at geographical markets you can also see when visitors from those countries are navigating away from your website and again you can provide content which is addressed to those visitors from those locations. If your ideal customers are companies with fifty to a hundred employees, or with a thousand or more employees we can also identify those for you and you can tailor your website accordingly.

To see how Marketing.AI can help you to identify your top exit pages and adjust your content to achieve higher conversion rates sign up for a free trial now.


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