How to Turn Sales Calls into Marketing Content

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Turn Sales Calls Into Marketing Content

On every call your sales team makes, content in some form is exchanged. It might be the delivery of a script, a series of questions, or a few well applied persuasion points at the right time and in the right context. It could also be content that comes from the prospective customer, such as competitive profiles, buying objections, or pain point descriptions. There are many more examples of how content can be exchanged in this scenario. All of which means that sales calls are a great source of ideas for marketing content. This post deals with a few examples of how to turn sales calls into content marketing wins, including how to get those ideas into your content marketing software and move from ideation to completions.

1. Customer Objections and How They Can Be Answered

Great salespeople don’t fear customer objections, they see them as an opportunity for an important aspect of the sales dialogue. When salespeople identify a common customer objection and how to successfully answer it, then turning that into marketing content helps to amplify that solution, while attracting those with that objection.

2. Buyer Persona Key Objectives

Sales conversations are a great way to learn more about the key objectives of different buyers. This personal insight can inform both what to write about and how to write about it. Creating content that speaks directly to the objectives of those buyers, proven out in actual sales conversations, is a powerful way to connect with your target audience.

3. Target Customer Pain Points and General Solutions in Their Voice

Sales conversations tend to tease out the most critical pain points and how those pain points are described in words and tone by customers. They also support what the current general solutions sets are that are accepted as relief for those pain points. Making sure you have marketing content that describes the pain points and general solutions will ensure you connect with these buyers online and elsewhere when they are in the Awareness stage.

4. Competitive Dynamics

Salespeople are in the trenches everyday battling with your competition and hear the feedback from your customers on your perceived differentiators and strengths. Make sure you are talking about these in your content. And if there is a competitive advantage that is not getting recognized, make sure to focus some content marketing energy and resources on changing that up-front market perception.

5. Persuasion Points That Work

Key phrases, presented in the right way and in the right context, can be thought of as points of persuasion. These work great in sales situations. They can also work great in marketing content. Capture them, relate them to strategic contexts and then put them to use.

How to Collect Ideas and Content Requests from The Sales Team

To collect ideas from the team you give them access to the Marketing.AI system with a defined set of permissions. At its simplest you can give them access only to a request web form and/or to the Idea Bank for adding ideas. You can give them access to do these activities through the mobile app and/or chrome extension. Depending on the the role and level of seniority you might give them access to any or all of the other features of the system such as strategy, calendar, workflow and analytics or you might restrict parts based on finely tuned permissions. The Marketing.AI system has been built with flexibility in mind to support a near-infinite number of use cases depending on how your team likes to work.

How to Move Ideas and Requests into Production

Once you’ve built up a nice bank of ideas and requests, it’s time to put those into planning and production. Marketing.AI makes this easy with the Push to Calendar feature that moves it to calendar with 2 clicks from the bank to the calendar or alternatively through the Ideas Drag and Drop Feature.

How to Involve The Sales Team in Approvals

If the content in question is primarily a sales tool to open doors or close deals, then it is likely you will have at least one sales leader who would like input or sign-off on the content before it is marked complete and/or deployed. In Marketing.AI you can set-up configured workflows with specific approval stages based on roles, users, and permissions. Just set-up the necessary approval workflow template stages and rules and you are set to go.

How to Get Started

If you’re thinking this is a dead easy way to show value from content marketing efforts you are right. To get started, sign-up for a demo or trial to get started putting sales content to work in your content marketing.



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