How to Publish to Different CMS from One Editorial Calendar

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CalendarIn yesterday’s post we talked about managing multiple editorial calendars, the challenges presented and provided some tips to make the process more efficient. Today we are going to be talking about the advantages to be gained from having an editorial calendar which allows you to publish directly to your content management system.

When using an editorial calendar most people have it open in a separate application, window or tab. They then have to cycle between using it for their planning and for checking which tasks are coming up next, and then move into their CMS to get down to the business of writing, editing, adding images and links, and publishing the material.

You can avoid all of this to-and-fro by using an editorial calendar which allows you to publish directly to your CMS. This cuts down wasted time switching between applications and tools, letting you get straight down to creating great content and getting it up on your website or blog. The Marketing.AI Editorial Calendar does just this by letting you draft your content items within your calendar, then publish them to WordPress and Hubspot.

When you are planning your content items you can outline the key parameters for each item, which assist in the content creation process. These include:

  1. Theme
  2. Synopsis
  3. Target Industry
  4. Buyer Cycle Stage
  5. Due and Target Dates
  6. Conversion Goals
  7. Keywords
  8. Influencers to target
  9. Hashtags for Promotion

Then you can assume responsibility for the content item, or you can assign it to one of your content creators. You can also monitor progress on the items by viewing their production status. When a content item is completed and is ready for editing or reviewing, you don’t need to send it back and forward via email, you can just pop into the drafting tool and make any adjustments that are necessary.

Once your content items are ready for publishing you just need to hit the publish button, select the CMS and account which you wish to publish to and your content goes directly to your website or blog. It’s as easy as that, and the drafts of all of your content items stay in your editorial calendar in case you ever need to use them again elsewhere.

You can use the Editorial Calendar as a stand-alone tool, or as part of the Marketing.AI content marketing automation and optimization suite. Keep an eye out for the Editorial Calendar app on the Hubspot Marketplace, which we will be launching very soon. More CMS integrations on the way too!

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