How to Plan for and Track Content Performance by Audience Segment using Marketing.AI

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TreeIn yesterday’s post we talked about the role of audience segmentation in the content planning process. Today we are going to illustrate how you can use the Marketing.AI software to plan your content creation and track the performance of the content. 

First order of business is working out your audience segments. Fortunately, Marketing.AI provides you with a Buyer Persona tool which allows you to identify the key characteristic of your target audience such as industry, location and company size.The software then monitors all of the traffic to your website, providing you with detailed breakdowns of the success of each content item.

You will see which industries are predominately interacting with each piece of content, which buyer personas are visiting the item and how well the item is achieving its conversion goals.  In this manner we definitively identify for you what’s working and what’s not working in your content strategy. Much is being made of the difficulties in determining ROI on content marketing. When using our software you can provide your CEO with hard data on the success of your content items.

You can also include information such as the persona’s position within their company, their role in the decision-making process, education level, and personal and professional goals. These attributes help your content creators to visualize their targets and attune their content to the interests and informational needs of their readers.

When it comes to planning out your content we also provide you with an Editorial Calendar. This enables you to plan out your content marketing strategy, with respect to your buyer personas. The drag-and-drop, colour-coded interface allows for ease of planning the content you need to create, assigning it to your various content creators and monitoring their progress. The stats view also helps you to determine the spread of content types which you have created and planned, so you can plug any gaps which exist.

Marketing.AI really kicks into gear when you have your buyer personas set up, your editorial calendar filled out and your existing content items labeled in your content audit. Then the artificial intelligence Recommendation Engine analyzes all of the data being generated and provides you with recommendations at to the type of content which you should create in order to reach your ideal customers, and how to promote that content.

If you’re interested in using Audience Segmentation to attract more of your ideal customers then give Marketing.AI a trial today.

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