How To Get Web Analytics in the Hands of Salespeople

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Your web analytics provide a wealth of information for your salespeople when it comes to prospecting and following up with leads to make a sale. Knowing the companies that are visiting your website and the content they are interacting with will give your sales team a considerable advantage when it comes to initiating a sales conversation and moving the potential customer towards a purchasing decision. Armed with a breakdown of all of the activity on your website, your salespeople can confidently approach a lead and directly address the pain points that you can ease for them, and the problems you can solve.

Before your salespeople can venture out into the wilderness and return with new customers you need to get all of the relevant information into their hands. This is where the Marketing.AI content marketing software’s report feature comes into play. With reporting you can select the team members you want to receive specific reports and they will be forwarded the information they require.

Using the filters for the reports you can forward reports on specific industries to each of your salespeople. In this manner they only receive the information relating to the market segments for which they are responsible. You could for example send one representative all of the data for the software and information technology prospects, and another all of the data for the healthcare and education sector. Your reports can also be filtered by location, so that each of your representative can receive only the information on the companies in the market they deal with.

You can determine the frequency at which your staff receive their reports so that they can get updates during the day so that they can follow up by phone as soon as a prospect visits your site. They can also receive their reports every morning, so that if they are out in the field they can get a breakdown of all the traffic for the meetings they have coming up that day. You could also provide them with weekly or monthly reports so they can keep tabs on the interactions with leads who are undergoing an extensive evaluation of your solution.

One of the main benefits of report forwarding is that your salespeople can access the information they need without having to log in to the company dashboard. This both saves them time and helps to restrict their access to data which you would rather they not have access to through your marketing portals.

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