How To get Access to Content Marketing Experts 24-hours a Day

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Who wouldn’t like to have access to an online marketing expert 24 hours a day? Someone to monitor all of data being generated from the traffic to your site and provide you with analysis and recommendations as to what you should do next would undoubtedly be an invaluable resource. With Marketing.AI that is exactly what you get.

We built the Marketing.AI software using artificial intelligence┬áthat acts in the same manner as a marketing expert, so that your expert will be available whenever you need them, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. We coded in the processes that a marketing expert would carry out when they are approaching the analysis of a website’s effectiveness. Therefore, when you install your tracking code and start using the software you have a powerful engine tackling all of your content marketing efforts.

The first thing you will notice is that Marketing.AI has performed a content audit of your entire website. This is particularly useful for larger organizations such as universities, which have been publishing online content for perhaps fifteen years. Many of these organization have lost track of the content on their website and how it is all connected. Marketing.AI brings it all together to help you label them according to type, stage of the buyer cycle, target industry and conversion paths. Many marketing experts still perform this function using spreadsheets which doesn’t even connect into your overall marketing system.

Next you will witness breakdown of the traffic visiting your website. Marketing.AI tells you the name, location, industry and company size of all of the traffic coming to each of your content assets. This is invaluable information, which feeds into its analysis of the success of each of your items. The traffic is also filtered with respect to your Buyer Personas, where you will have outlined the key attributes of your ideal customers. This helps the system to evaluate how effective your content is at attracting the attention of your target audience.

Marketing.AI also provides you with information on the entry and exits page for each visitor, each of the items they have perused on their customer journey and how long they have spent viewing each page. It also tracks the success of your intended customer journeys and conversion paths by tracking their progress throughout your website.

Your personal marketing expert really takes over once you start using your Recommendation Engine. Once you have set-up your software and labeled your content items, Marketing.AI analyses all of the traffic to each of your content items and provides you with recommendations as to the types of content you need to produce next. For example, it will tell you that you need to create an e-book, targeted at the software industry to raise interest, or that you need to create a blog post targeting the construction industry to increase their interest.

If you’d like access to your own marketing expert 24-hours a day, give Marketing.AI a trial to see what the future holds.


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