How Experts Analyze Content Marketing Data

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ChartsThere are several important metrics which content marketing experts analyze in order to determine which content items are the most successful and how well a strategy is performing. Today we will be giving a rundown of the processes we have found to be most important.



It may seem a little simplistic but the number of hits you are getting will always be of importance. Ten years ago there wasn’t a lot more information available other than an absolute number. Now we have much more detailed breakdowns of data available for analysis. You can compare the traffic coming to your site by geographic location, which is of assistance when you are developing international campaigns. Other useful information includes the industries from which your traffic is emanating.

The source of your traffic is a valuable method of determining the ROI of your various content promotion strategies. If you are performing well on organic search then you can assume the resources you placed into SEO have been worthwhile. Likewise the click-throughs from advertisements or tweets let you know which promotional avenues are working the most effectively. The data doesn’t lie, and while you may have a preference for one promotion method or another, it is only once the traffic starts hitting your content items and converting that you can really tell what’s working and what’s not working.


Conversion Rates

The rate at which your pages are converting is another measure which is typically monitored. Many of your pages will have calls to action (CTAs) included on them, which either serve to capture lead information, or entice your visitors to take additional actions such as downloading a whitepaper, take a free trial or sign up for a webinar.

Each of your pages should have a defined place in a conversion architecture, with links included to pages which provide additional information if your visitor is not ready to make a decision yet. By tracking your customer’s journeys you can determine which conversion paths are successful and which require refinement.


Buyer Persona Tracking

A content marketing expert will devise a campaign with the help of Buyer Personas. This is where you outline the key attributes of your ideal audience and create content which satisfies their information needs. Once you create content that is targeted at specific industries or individuals with an organization you need to determine if your content is resonating with them. By measuring the success at targeting a buyer persona you can develop tactics and strategies which once confirmed as effective can be applied to other personas.


Visit times and Exit Pages

The length of time your visitors are spending with each content item is useful so you can tell how deeply they are interacting with it. If you have a 10-page ebook but your viewers are only spending 15 seconds viewing it, then there is clearly a problem. You may have a solid title which is generating interest, but then there is something on the first page or two which is leading your visitors to bounce. Your top exit pages are also useful to know so that you can rework to pages to provide visitors with more relevant information.

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