How and Why to Gather Ideas for Content Marketing

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IdeaWe’ve all heard the saying “two heads are better than one.” And this couldn’t be truer than when it comes to brainstorming content ideas for a website. Even the best writers in the world can write content that flops if the copy is not connecting to the reader in the right way. Having a team of employees from all levels of your organization helping with the brainstorming process ensures that you are covering every angle and that you are targeting the right people with the right voice, wording and message.

Virtual Brainstorming – The “How” Of Ideation

One of the best things about our ideation tool is that you get the benefits of brainstorming in a formal meeting without the headaches and costs involved. It doesn’t matter if your employees are across the world or if they work on different schedules. The ideation process can be ongoing and can involve whoever you like, from clients and customers to your own staff and support team. You don’t have to be in the same room or even in the same time zone.

Ideation allows you to integrate various aspects of your research into one place. Some of the things to include in your brainstorming session may be:

  • Discuss the wants, needs and ideas with your employees and client and customers. That way you are getting a rounder point of view and hopefully will be able to focus on the right target audience and their needs.
  • Research similar blog posts and web pages from competitors and make notes of the things that work and the things that do not. Make special notes on what competitors use for their meta tagging, subheadings and focus keywords.
  • Have your sales staff contribute support correspondence and common problems that they experience on a daily basis. This can help you avoid these pitfalls and focus your content on addressing these issues and possible solutions.
  • Search for industry related hashtags on Twitter and see what your competitors are using to connect with their clients.
  • Check out LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities.
  • Research and make notes on topics of talks at major industry conferences, in press releases and in trade publications that could be relevant to your content. These newsworthy items can easily be reworded into successful and up to date blog posts.

Successful Content Development – The “Why” of Ideation

Why is ideation so vital to the success of your copy? There are three main angles that ideation help with:

1. Copy Resonation – ideation allows you to create relevant content that resonates with your target audience. You will be able to connect to your audience through accurate focus keywords and relevant information.

2. Expertise – ideation also ensures that your copy comes off as accurate, informative and professional. One of your goals should be to offer the clients information that stands out and that helps them. You want to market yourself and your company as experts in the industry and the best way to do this is to know what customers want.

3. Accurate Information – and, finally, ideation ensures that you are following the current trends that are important in your industry. You are able to obtain information from press releases, conferences and trade publications without having to fly all over the world.

Ideation to Informative Content

Once the ideation process is complete you can easily transfer these rough ideas into something more. Looking back on your brainstorming you will see that you have the makings of several successful web pages, blog posts and article ideas. You can then review the ideas and push them to the calendar, ready for the next stage.

Get started planning your ideas today by signing up for a free trial of Marketing.AI’s Editorial Calendar Software with Ideation section included!

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