Content Marketing Types: An Overview

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When it comes to content marketing you have a variety of different types of content which you can produce in order to attract the attention of your ideal customers. The following list deals with the most common types:

Website Page

The primary form of online content which you are going to create. This includes all of the pages on your website. This is where you explain your business and your product or service to potential and provide them with the opportunity to make a purchase. You can create an enormous variety of different website pages, often incorporating many of the other content types.



A newsletter is an update on the state of your business which can either be a regular feature or an announcement regarding a milestone reached by the company such as an update to your product offering or expansion into a new market.



A microsite, as the name suggests is a smaller site which you create for a specific purpose such as to promote a new product or service which you wish to introduce or test its demand before you commit resources to creating it.


Executive Report

An executive report is typically 3-4 pages and deals with a specific topic which you have researched or conducted a survey for. It is designed to provide your potential customers with information which they will find useful and informative, rather than being a sales pitch. It may be a guide to using certain features of your product.



An image could be anything from a photograph to an icon, comic or a cartoon. You could include pictures of your products, staff, office, customers using your products or just stock images to brighten up your website.



An e-book is a digital book which visitors to your site can download, read and share. For the purposes of content marketing, it will typically be 5-20 pages long. Ideally, you will require readers to enter their email address so you can contact them with regard to your products.


Mobile Content

Mobile content is tailored to be viewed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With advances in mobile technology most devices can display the same content as a desktop computer however, it may need to be optimized and formatted for smaller screens.



Webinars are like online conferences which use text, audio, and video to connect with users who are geographically distant from the event. They can be used for training, meetings, lectures or presentations.


Blog Post

A blog post is one of the more common forms of content which you will produce and will no doubt already be familiar with. It allows you to publish an online journal tailored to your target audience.



A whitepaper is an authoritative document which deals with a specific business problem and provides a solution to the problem. It can also be used to present research or the results of a survey.



An infographic is used to give a visual display of information such as statistics or the results of a survey. They allow users to easily comprehend and compare otherwise difficult to interpret data. They can range from very simple graphs to complex works of art.



Videos can be very useful for giving visitors to your site a quick introduction to your company and its products or services. Humorous or entertaining videos have the added benefit of being shared via social media to reach a greater audience and make more potential customers aware of your products.



An article is a news style piece of writing. It should be formatted and written in the style of a news publication such as a newspaper or news website. The tone should be more serious than that of a blog post.


Case Study

A case study is where you give a real life example of how your product or service is used. Ideally, you will take the case of one of your existing customers or clients and explain the problems they were having and how your company helped to solve those problems.


Landing Page

A landing page is a single page website which contains information about your company or a specific product and a call to action to either get visitors to make a purchase or to give you their contact details for follow up. It is very useful for market testing for new products or A/B testing for copy, content or calls to action.



A presentation could be a talk you have given at a conference or in-house to your staff members. You can then upload slides and accompanying audio or video to your website for your customers to view, download and share.



Email still remains one the most widely used internet applications. From a content marketing point of view, you can create prospect emails which are sent to visitors to your website who provide their emails. You can also email newsletters, special offers and announcements of new products.



A tutorial is where you provide guidance as to how to use your product or service. It may come about as a result of queries to customer support or the addition of new features. Feedback from existing customers is invaluable when you are creating a tutorial.


News Release

A news release or press release is a document which you produce and disseminated to news organizations such as newspapers, blogs, online news services, radio, and television. You should use press releases to draw attention to significant events in your company such as the launch of a new product or service, a new partnership, acquisition or sale.


Let us know what other content types you typically come across!

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