The key to successful content marketing strategies: Telling the right stories with target audience segmentation and targeted personas

Your ideal customer should be able to make a connection with your company or products. A connection that helps them make informed decisions. Content should be tailored to why they came searching in the first place. Any stellar content marketing strategy has a steady flow of quality content—content that tells a story to a particular … Continued Read More

The Value of Having One Source of Truth for Content Marketing

  When creating content, a common problem marketers face is solving what assets you have are most up-to-date? This is especially hard if you manage your files in multiple locations. Which videos, logos, images, and graphics are the right ones, on brand, fitting to your tone and voice? Without a source of data truth, you can end up spending … Continued Read More

Align Your Marketo Content With The Rest Of Marketing

Marketing.AI helps Demand Generation teams increase leads and reduce the time it takes for their content development by connecting their content ideation, strategy, workflows, and planning directly into Marketo. Our comprehensive Marketo integration allows team to publish their content directly from Marketing.AI into Marketo landing pages and email templates for distribution, as well as closing the … Continued Read More

Leverage the power of a digital editorial calendar for content planning, publishing, and collaboration

Central to achieving quality content is a centralized creation and publishing workflow In an increasingly deadline-driven world, strategists and marketers are realizing that a centralized planning and publishing hub is key to any successful planning process. Why? Having a calendar-centric marketing plan allows you to plan your content efforts in a collaborative format, manage approval workflows for your content creation team, … Continued Read More

Why Suffer the Pain of Editorial Calendar Spreadsheets?

Companies invest tens of thousands of dollars into CRM systems to better track their customers. They invest equal resources into sophisticated email marketing automation systems to deliver the right message, at the right time in the customer journey. They build social media teams to tweet and post and engage with customers, and invest in team … Continued Read More

Introducing the Content Marketing Inspiration Series

Finding Inspiration for Content Marketing Today we are introducing a new series of content from Marketing.AI called the Inspiration Series. In this series we will feature pieces that will help you and your teams think about content in new ways and trigger new ideas that you can apply to your specific domain. One of the key … Continued Read More