A Review of the best Content Tricks and Treats from Halloween 2014

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Hopefully you have all survived the Halloween celebrations intact! There was a lot of spooky content floating around in the run up to October 31st, some more forced than others. Let’s face it, it’s hard to hit the right note with a theme that so many others are using, so today we are going to honor those who we think did a good job with content marketing that was tied to the Halloween theme.

Axxon Media

Last week UK-based agency Axxon Media ran a Pumpkin Hunt, with clues to finding a pumpkin on their site posted each day on social media. Subscribers to their mailing list received a sneak peek to the clues, to encourage more sign ups. Those finding the pumpkin were entered into a daily draw for prizes. This was a particularly effective campaign as it was fun and got users delving into their existing content items, such as searching through case studies and drove more sign-up for their mailing list.


Content creation service Scripted published an infographic entitled “The Dark Side of Content Marketing”. This infographic went through some of the more frightening statistics on content marketing such as the difficulties marketers experience measuring the success of their content, lack of a focused content strategy and the frustration felt by users. The graphic then proceeded to give recommendations to deal with these problems. This was a topical way of discussing the idea that even though content marketing has grown a lot in the past few years, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Dark Side


Content hub tool Uberflip released a “SlideScare” which talked about the content marketing monsters that are lurking out there, waiting to attack. From The ROI Vampire to Frankencontent and the Ghost of Content Strategy, Uberflip cast a wide net on some of the major problems encountered with content marketing. This was a well thought-out series of slides, that tied together very well with the Halloween theme, while identifying some serious issues that marketers are dealing with on a daily basis.

Vertical Measures

Here we have an infographic called Conquering Your Content Beasts which analyzed the major pitfalls when dealing with different content types. This has some immediate appeal due to its distinctive visual style and the clear Problem->Solution->Supporting Statistics format. Many infographics tend to look very similar, but this one is quiet unusual, with a quirky, hand-drawn feel to the images.

Conquering your Content

John Brown Media

The John Brown Media agency also published an infographic with a Halloween theme. The Halloween Guide to Content Marketing went through some of the ways that your current efforts could be inadvertently scaring off some of your customers, and what you can do to avoid this situation. The color palette here was bold and attention grabbing, with a mix of familiar Halloween characters thrown in. Rounding out the graphic by invoking the spirit of Ghostbusters with a “Who You Gonna Call” was a nice touch also.

Scaring Customers


We also have an infographic from real-estate site Trulia, which focuesed more on the fun side on the festivities, providing trivia that informs us that 9% of buyers are willing to sell their souls for double the square footage. 41% would also apparently prefer to be haunted by a ghost than a possessed doll or evil leprauchan. Trulia followed up this infographic with Unnatural Hazard Maps outlining incidents of vampire bites, ghost sightings and zombie infestations.



If you came across any other examples that you enjoyed or would recommend, please submit them in the comments section below, or tweet them to us @MarketingAI.


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