7 Tips for Planning Content

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Editorial CalendarLooking to implement a content marketing strategy but unsure of how to go about it? It may seem intimidating, but with the right tools, it can be quite simple, and we can help you get started. The following seven tips will show you how to create an effective plan for content creation with the Marketing.AI software.

1: Create themes to categorize your content

Themes are used to organize the various topics for your content. For example, you might have one theme for sales-focused content, and another for news related to your business niche. To create a new theme, access our theme tool, located on the upper left side of the workflow tab, and click “add new.” Then add a title and a brief description.

2: Perform research and gather links to relevant content

The next step is to perform research with our links tool, located next to the themes tool in the workflow tab. You can either store these links as sources of info for your writers to use while producing content, or you can have the links inserted into your content for SEO purposes. A good way to find relevant links would be to Google phrases related to your niche. Then, add them to the links tool with the “add new” button near the bottom. Add theme and source to help organize them.

3: Identify thought leaders in your niche and use them as a source of content

Thought leaders are the movers and shakers in your niche. They’re the innovators and the success stories. By writing content on their efforts and reviewing their accomplishments, you can attract readers with interests relevant to your business.content marketing agency set-up4: Create a buyer persona to identify their content needs

Use the “create buyer persona” option under the strategy section of the workflow tab to create a profile of your ideal customer. What industry they operate in, what challenges they may face, their position within a company, and so on. This will allow you to tailor content to their specific needs.

5: Develop composition goals

Next, build composition goals for the content you want written. These will define the type of content, the theme, the target industry, and so forth. For example, blog posts about the software you have created and its applications in the retail industry.

6: Gather ideas from across your organization 

Many of your employees and business partners might have useful ideas for content. Make sure to speak with all of them and compile a list of potential content topics. Then, you can narrow the list down to the ideas that are most likely to draw traffic to your site and generate leads or sales.

7: Move ideas to your calendar and plan ahead 

Once you’ve collected the best content ideas, you can create a content schedule by adding them to your calendar with the “create new” option on the right side. Try to plan ahead at least three months to ensure a steady flow of new content. You can also use our recurring post feature to set-up regular features. For example, a weekly wrap-up of news from your site.

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